2021 is the year to start a new hobby

2021 is the year to start a new hobby

Can you remember how excited you were about hobbies when you were little? Have you ever felt that along the path to the adulthood you have become to busy with career or higher education, you have lost all your interest of doing something that bring joy? Hobbies are so important in many ways to your health and mental wellbeing; however we adults tend to attach to earning money over doing something fun and exciting!

So, if you need some convincing keep reading this article to find a new hobby to get back you track to have some fun and become healthy. Yes, we know we are all busy, but hear us out and we will explain how you can spare some time for a hobby.

How many hours do you spend in front of screens doing nothing? This time could be allocated to do something meaningful and fun. Finding time for a hobby really means how you work around the time you have once you take out the work time, commute time, sleep time and so on.

So how do you find a hobby? One of the best ways is to channel your childhood memories.

Collecting Something

Did you love collecting stamps when you were a kid? Even though it might not be that practical to do it the traditional method, still you could collect stamps through exchanging stamps via social media groups.  Or it could be something like collecting gadgets, dishes, plants, decorations and many more.

Cooking can be a hobby if you can reframe it

It could be either be something you do everyday like cooking. If you can reframe what you want to cook for example making a savoury item every Friday or baking every other week it could be fun.

Decorating Projects

If you like decorating your home, schedule time to redo part of your house. Offer help to your friends and family to redo their homes. Research on inspirations and share ideas with friends and family. Collect decorative items so you can redecorate each season or holiday.

Pets can help you to find a hobby

If you have dogs you can train them as therapy dogs and take them for visits to hospitals etc or train them to do tricks and take them to competitions.

Do something creative

If you’re a creative person why not try something like paining miniature figures, or building lego sets or making something using clay etc.

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