2021 Trendy Chic Jewellery Tips and Tricks

2021 Trendy Chic Jewellery Tips and Tricks

There is something really special about jewellery and unlike most material things jewellery has a sentimental value to it and passed onto generation after generation. Jewellery tells a story; either be proposals, anniversaries, holidays and has become a medium of expression in the fashion world. Also jewellery adds an effortless beauty to any attire and could be fun to experiment different looks!

  1. Layering jewellery

This is something you can experiment with what you already have in your jewellery collection. Create layers with necklace, rings and bangles you can mix and match different lengths, shapes and colours to add a chic look. This is now very much in style and can add a minimal simplicity to your style.

2. Experiment with mixing metals

Yes, you read right. You can and you should experiment wearing different metals. One may think that we should either wear all sterling silver or all gold. This is not the case now! in the trendy jewellery world! Don’t be afraid to mix and match different metals as this could add colour to your whole look.

3. Focus jewellery

Right jewellery can bring something special to the whole outfit. If you think the outfit is either too simple or dull, you can bring attention to the whole style by adding a jewellery that attracts the focus. For instance, if you are wearing bold clothing you can take the focus away by simply wearing a small but subtle jewellery or if you think that outfit is too dull for the occasion, it would be just enough to add a big nice pendent.

4. Know the limits

If you’re going with layers of necklaces make sure that you’re not adding layers of bangles, rings or bangles all at once. If you’re going with bold earrings perhaps just adding a subtle necklace would be sufficient. Or on the other hand, if you are wearing small stud earring, you may have room to complement the look with a beautiful small birthstone necklace. Make sure you know when to stop!

5. Colourblocking Jewellery

This is a technique mostly used for clothing. However, if you start to think little like a designer you could give yourself a whole new look. You just need to know the basic colour wheel to create something fun and amazing! Basically, we can either choose complementary colours which lies opposite to each other in the colour wheel or analogue colours which lie adjust to each other. You can find colour gems, diamonds and use the colour wheel as a tool to try different combinations. Try stacking silver rings with beautiful bold colour gems or either play with more subtle colours like shades of ruby or rose gold metal to create more harmonious style.

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