6 Men’s Cold Weather Style Essentials

6 Men’s Cold Weather Style Essentials

Gentleman, who’s excited that summer’s over? Don’t get me wrong I love summer, I love summer style but the winter. That is when style magic happens. Because you get to break out all those badass jackets in cold weather.

I’m going over my six style essentials. You can’t talk about cold-weather essentials without talking about boots. I’m super excited about suede chukkas, it is one of those shoes that just screams stylish. It’s incredibly versatile. You can wear with chinos, you can wear with jeans. These things are incredible. Also, these look fantastic when broken-in as well.

The item number two is denim, more specifically the dark wash non-distressed jeans. In spring and summer, I know you’re rocking denim that is a little bit more beat up, a little bit lighter. Of course, you can still wear your lighter washes in the winter and fall but I personally feel that they look better in spring and summer.

Essential number three it’s all about the sweater. A lightweight V-neck. These sweaters are amazing you can wear them just by themselves or you can layer wearing a collared shirt even a tie underneath. Looks Awesome. Then the crewnecks, the lightweight crew neck personally I think black looks amazing but they come in every other color. Grab one because they’re crazy versatile you can wear with jeans, you can wear with chinos, you can wear them with slacks to the office. These sweaters are perfection.

Now is the time I’ve been waiting for essential number four, bad ass jackets. In my opinion jackets are jackets are the greatest. I love puffer jackets I live in them in the fall, and winter they’re just the perfect casual jacket they fold up nice and small sol you can stuff it in your computer bag and they look super stylish.

Number 5 is a great scarf I am a scarf dude I love scarves I’ve got tons of scarves one of the reasons is because not only are they functional they’re fashionable. They’re a great accessory, for a few bucks you can totally look and change the dynamics of an outfit. It works with your puffer jacket as well.

Last but certainly not least, the number 6 thing that I’m excited to wear. it’s cool leather gloves something simple not too crazy. I know that you’re going to see a lot of dudes wearing those like driving gloves with like holes in them. They’re not practical yes sure I bought a pair of those driving gloves 15 minutes in and I was like these things suck. Doesn’t suck however is fall.

Hopefully now you know how to look cool even when the weather’s cold