7 Amazing Christmas Traditions to add-on to your list this year

7 Amazing Christmas Traditions to add-on to your list this year

Christmas is very special holiday for most of us. What you can do to make the Christmas more memorable is adding traditions to the holiday, which can be fun and exciting for all the family members. It is the magical time of the year and you can add below to your fun activity list this year!

  1. Cut or choose a X’mas tree – though it is economical to buy a artificial tree, it won’t be memorable as going to scouting a tree farm and running through the farm to find the perfect tree! Make it a tradition to find the perfect tree that you can bring home and decorate.
  2. Have a X’mas movie marathon or movie night – Choose some of the X’mas movies that you enjoyed and set-up a cosy magical place by the fireplace with hot cocoa and some cookies!
  3. Listen to X’mas songs in the car – This is an exciting activity and you will start to feel Christmas when you hear the music all the time
  4. Christmas Donation box – To get into true Christmas spirit and teach kids about giving you can set-up a Christmas donation box every year. Get them to donate something they really like so they can learn Christmas is not only about receiving presents but also giving.
  5. Christmas Eve Box – This is a really fun thing to do as a family. Each family member gets to open a Christmas eve box which was placed under the tree. You can include things like matching X’mas Pyjamas so that everyone can wear them to the bed and snacks like popcorn.
  6. Christmas themed family photo to hang on the trees – This is an amazing way to document each Christmas! Also it add colour to your Christmas tree every year!
  7. Hunting Neighbourhood Christmas lights – What else can get you to X’mas mood than seeing all the X’mas lights and decorations around your neighbourhood. You could wear your matching Christmas PJs and get some hot chocolate and take with you in travel mugs to enjoy while hunting Christmas lights.

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