Best Men’s Polos

Best Men’s Polos

Polos are very popular among men around the world and has become a staple similar to jeans. Polos have a unique look which is great with other clothes and they are great for almost every occasion. Here are the most famous men’s polos and each of these provides a unique look to the wearer.

  • Lacoste Polo

Lacoste polos are world famous and they are perfect and this has been around for a long time. The fabric that Lacoste use is the world’s strongest and most flexible cotton.  There is a very strict testing process to make sure that the fabric and the final product is at the correct quality and standard. The colors are very vibrant and rich due to the long dyeing process used by the company.

  • BOSS ‘Ferrara’ Polo

The BOSS Polo design is very simple and elegant and these amazing polos come in a few amazing colors which make them a great polo to be worn at work or to be worn casually as well. These polos will go with almost every pair of jeans you have in your wardrobe so make sure to try this.

  • Penguin “Earl” Polo

This polo has a distinctive design that has been inspired by the look of the penguin and has used the contrast of color to give a priceless look to the wearer. This polo is classic which is a great addition to a man’s wardrobe.

  • Banana Republic Luxe-Touch Polo

The Banana Republic offers great clothing at good prices which are affordable. The Luxe-Touch polo is made with a soft finished lightweight cotton fabric. They come in different colors and have a great fit with great sleeves. This polo is great for casual Fridays, golfing, and even to grab a drink.

  • Lacoste Long Sleeve Pique Polo

As said earlier Lacoste uses the best fabrics in their products and it is the same for the Lacoste Long Sleeve Pique Polo which is a great polo to be worn with a blazer or a jacket.  So this polo is great for a casual occasion such as grabbing a drink with friends or as office wear.

  • Ralph Lauren Classic Polo

The Ralph Lauren Classic Polo is a world-famous piece of clothing that is popular among many men around the world. The Ralph Lauren polo is famous among men regardless of age and currently, they come in different fits and fabrics which were not there in the past.