Best Romantic Getaways in Victoria

Best Romantic Getaways in Victoria

Regional Victoria refers to the areas of Victoria outside of Melbourne and is filled with beautiful landscapes and wildlife which makes it the perfect for a romantic getaway. Many people living in Melbourne who had spent time with their partners in Regional Victoria considers it as one of the best destinations to bond with their partners.

Here are some great romantic getaways in regional Victoria:

Woodlands Rainforest Retreat

The Woodlands Rainforest retreat is a great location that is hidden at the edge of the Yarra Valley and the visitors can find luxurious cottages that offer privacy, amazing wildlife, scenic outdoor decking, and a perfect hideaway. This is a great location to enjoy the greenery along with your partner.


The Flophouse provides comfortable lodging made in Scandinavian design and they provide luxury amenities to the guests. There is a variety of cottages to choose from based on the requirements and expectations of the guests. Flophouse has an infinity pool, bathhouse, tennis court, and a spa. 

Clifftop at Hepburn

Awarded as Australia’s No. 1 romantic getaway and is a great location to spent some quality time with a partner. The panoramic views from the clifftop are amazing and the place contains a private spa, sunlight bed, and massaging chairs to relax and enjoy with your partner.

Starhaven Retreat

This is an award-winning hotel as the best luxury bed and breakfast accommodation on the Bellarine Peninsula. The beachside location offers fantastic views of Port Philip Bay and Melbourne from its balconies. The location features a rooftop terrace, games room, theatre room, and a jet stream swim spa. Starhaven Retreat is a great getaway location with amazing views of the bay and the sea.

Country Cottages at South Cathedral Farm

South Cathedral Farms offer a pet-friendly adults’ retreat which is considered as one of the best romantic getaway locations in Victoria. The Cathedral Peak and the surrounding ranges offer a breathtaking view to the guests and combined with great food and wine the South Cathedral Farm turns into a magical place.

Clifftop Phillip Island

Sandwiched in between the beautiful sea and the amazing sky the clifftop offers great views of the Pyramid Rock, Bass Strait, and the Smiths Beach. One side facing the sea and the other side facing beautiful rolling farmland and surrounded by unique vegetation and wildlife such as penguins the Clifftop provides amazing views and a thrilling experience for couples.