Common Fitness Myths

Common Fitness Myths

Fitness myths are very common and they are just misinformation and misunderstandings about fitness. It is important for every person who is interested in improving their fitness to know about the facts and true information while avoiding myths and inaccurate information. So in order to help those fitness enthusiasts here are the most common myths about fitness.

  • Lifting Weights Will Make Me Bulky

Lifting weights will not necessarily increase your size, it will help to build muscle. In order to gain larger muscles testosterone is needed and this hormone is the reason why muscles grow larger in men than women. In men, the amounts of testosterone are high compared to women so women will not get bulkier. However, the size of the muscles will not always reflect strength so even women can be strong while being less bulky.

Many women think that doing weights will make them bulky so they try to avoid doing weight training. This is actually a myth due to the reason that women lack the levels of testosterone required to be bulky.

  • More Sit-ups to Get Abs

When it comes to abs there are many myths surrounding it. Many people think that by just doing more ab exercises such as sit-ups, they can gain visible abs.  But in reality, in order to have visible abs, it is important to burn the fat layer which is on top of our abdominal muscles. If someone just focuses on exercises without considering the diet, he/she will just accumulate more fat to that top layer.

Doing just exercises such as sit-ups will improve the strength of the core but it will not make the abs visible. So make sure to follow a good diet plan and have the disciple to avoid unhealthy things in addition to doing abdominal exercises to gain visible abs.

  • Gaining Weight After Starting an Exercise Routine Shows that Something is Wrong

After starting to work out and following your diet plan sometimes you might have a higher weight than you expect. And the first thought that comes to your mind is that “I might be doing something wrong”. But in reality, your weight can be higher due to some other reasons even though you do everything right. The changes that happen to the body due to exercises will change certain things in the body such as water retention and glycogen conversion which will increase the body weight temporarily until your body adapts to the fitness routine.

  • More Cardio Will Lead to More Weight Loss

Just doing cardio and burning a lot of calories is not the most efficient and sustainable way of reducing weight. Weight training will burn calories and build muscle at the same time so make sure to incorporate them into your fitness routine. Further building muscles will boost metabolism and increase lean muscles which makes it more efficient to burn calories. By adding weight training to the training program will help you to achieve your weight loss goal more easily and it will also make you stronger.