CORONAVIRUS: Is moving to Stage 4 wise? What’s happening in Victoria?

CORONAVIRUS: Is moving to Stage 4 wise? What’s happening in Victoria?

With 723 number of cases announced today, the state currently has 5046 active cases. Over the last 14 days, a continued and sustained high number of Covid-19 cases have been reported in the Australian state – Victoria. Even with Stage 3 restrictions to “stay at home” we haven’t seen a big satisfactory change in daily numbers yet.

With this uncontrolled community transmissions, we see each day, will Victorians go for stage 4 restrictions soon? It can be expected to kick in if Victorians disobey stage 3 restrictions and if we continue to see numbers going up despite mandatory face-mask rules and stay at home restrictions. Victoria’s medical officers have also suggested that tougher restrictions might come into effect if people don’t follow the Stage 3 rules.

So, what will Stage 4 lockdown will bring? the simple answer is we still do not know. Even though it is not very clear how stage 4 restrictions will look like, many suggest that Victoria will have to follow its neighbor’s footpath and impose restrictions similar to New Zealand. At the moment, Victorians are following the minimum required to contain the situation due to the drastic effect tougher restrictions have on business and people’s lives. It is expected that we will wait until it’s absolutely necessary to bring in the next stage of the lockdown and this could depend on issues we face in the coming days such as the capacity of our health services and if we’re moving to an elimination strategy.

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