Guide to Hamilton Island

Guide to Hamilton Island

Since the 1970s this archipelago of islands has been one of Australia’s most visited holiday havens of the 74 islands of the Whitsundays. There’s one that has become a clear favorite nothing says Hamilton Island like the trusty golf buggy. This is the island’s main mode of transport and it totally fits the holiday vibe, behind the wheel of this little buggy, it’s hard not to smile and impossible not to relax. With its own airport and direct flights daily out of Brisbane and Sydney, Hamilton is also the most easily accessible of the Whitsunday islands but it’s not just a tourist destination. This is a thriving community with a permanent population of around 1,000 lucky residents. There’s an island loop bus that runs all day but you seriously can’t beat having your own buggy. It’s not the fastest way to get around but it’s definitely the most fun.

It’s easy to see why Hamilton is the Whitsundays most popular island. Even if it’s at full capacity you would never know, there’s plenty of room for everyone’s accommodation options, ranging from the uber-exclusive five-star qualia to the family-friendly reef view. Hotel true to its name, the review is centered around the incredible outlook a little more exclusive and a little more intimate is the adults-only Beach Club just in front of the Reef View Hotel. Take your pick from one story with a balcony or ground floor with a garden.

From the moment you arrived at the beach club you know you’re in for something special. Welcome mocktails, easy checking luxurious rooms, yet still relaxed and then there’s this the world’s largest coral reef right at your doorstep. Cat’s-eye Beach is the hub of the beach activity on the island and when staying at any of the Hamilton island-owned accommodation non-motorized water sports are complimentary. These waters are also a launching pad for day trips to dreamy destinations like Whitehaven beach, snorkeling, and diving on the outer reef with its permanent population as well as day-trippers and holidaymakers. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out with everything from fine dining to fish and chips and my personal favorite manta ray. no matter where you go you can’t escape this view but why would you want to.

Monterey boasts the best wood-fired pizzas on the island and it’s one of those places that somehow manages to keep the entire family happy and some of its best attractions like One Tree Hill here affect everyone to enjoy

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