Most Amazing National Parks in the U.S.A

Most Amazing National Parks in the U.S.A

The United States has 62 protected areas which are managed by the National Park Service. From these 62 parks, 14 are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites while 21 are designated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. More than 300 million visitors a year are attracted to these national parks which contain amazing views, wildlife, and unforgettable terrains. Here are the most famous national parks in the United States:


This 2.2 million-acre park is an incredible park due to its unique natural attractions and diverse geography. There are many lakes, mountains, buffalo-filled valleys, and hot springs. The Yellowstone National Park attracts many visitors so it is best to visit in April, May, September, and October because in those months the crowds are relatively less.

Glacier National Park

Mountains and water which spans two mountain ranges are the unique features that make this national park special. There are over 700 lakes across Montana. The Trail of the Cedars and Iceberg Lake Trail are the two most famous hiking trails in the Glacier National Park. Visitors will also get the opportunity to ride along the beautiful Going-to-the-Sun Road and a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Glacier International Peace Park.


This is the most visited national park in California with amazing waterfalls such as Bridalveil Fall and the Vernal Fall. Further, the amazing granite rock formations Half Dome and El Capitan attract visitors to this amazing park. The Tunnel View Outlook is a great place to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Yosemite Valley.

Zion National Park

This is a hikers’ paradise located in the beautiful state of Utah which contains the Hike Angel’s Landing which is a 1,500-foot natural staircase. And The Narrows hike which is 10-mile-long which goes through the thinnest section of the Zion Valley is one of the most spectacular hikes that a hiker can go in their lifetime. For the ones who do not like to hike take the 57-mile-long Zion Canyon Scenic Drive in your car to see and enjoy the Zion National Park’s most famous landmarks.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is no doubt the most famous canyon in the world, this amazing canyon is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many hiking opportunities and rafting opportunities in this park. Havasu Falls is a must-see for every visitor who is visiting the Grand Canyon.

Bryce Canyon National Park

The Bryce Canyon contains a massive collection of hoodoos pillars which are very rare. This park is 35,835 acres and provides amazing hiking opportunities to the visitors. This amazing park is also located in Utah and most visitors visit the Bryce Canyon National Park in the summer.

Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Teton National Park contains more than 200 miles of trails which goes through amazing lakes, parries, and the amazing snow-capped peaks of the Grand Teton mountain range. The most famous trail is the Cascade Canyon Trail which shows off the park’s amazing landscape.

Rocky Mountain National Park

This just sits 70 miles north of Denver which makes it more convenient for the visitors. The Rocky Mountain National Park contains 355 miles of trails that offer unforgettable breathtaking views. The 147 lakes and 118 peaks make sure that you will not be disappointed. For the visitors who can’t spend days exploring the park the Emerald Lake Trail which is a 5-mile round trip is a great choice to enjoy amazing alpine views.

Haleakala National Park

This is an amazing national park outside of the Continental United States, the Haleakala National Park is on Maui which is a Hawaiian Island. The name of the park translated to “house of the sun” and as soon as you visit the park you can see for yourself why it is called the “house of the sun”. The spectacular sunrise from over 10,000 feet above sea level is an amazing sight to see and further the waterfalls and hikes make the Haleakala National Park one of the best parks in the United States.

Arches National Park

The 77,000-acre park was established in 1929 and is located in eastern Utah. The oddly-shaped sandstone monuments are the key attraction of this national park. The Arches National Park is a great location for hikers, climbers, backpackers, and even photographers. The Landscape Arch, Double Arch, and the Delicate Arch are the most popular arches in the park and they are a must-see for all visitors who are visiting the Arches, National Park.

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