Secret hack to own a phone on a plan for free

Secret hack to own a phone on a plan for free

Would you believe that you can get a phone on Telstra “Australia’s best” network for free or even earn money to use their phone? This is 100% legit and here is the hack to own a phone for free.

It is known that Australian service providers charge customers a premium for phone planes compared to other countries but with this hack, you will be able to own a phone for free.

Firstly, go to Woolworth’s mobile and select a phone plan that comes under $50 per month. Don’t worry there are plenty of options to select from. Even the latest Samsung Galaxy phones are there. As in the below photo, I have added the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G Cloud White 128GB into the cart and my monthly payment has come up to $49 with a mobile plan. Fear not this will be $0 soon.

The hack is when you join Woolworth’s mobile, as a valued customer of Woolworth’s you get 10% off your grocery shop and you could save up to $50 a month. This can be used to cover the cost of your phone bill. From this hack end of the month, you’ll be using the phone with a plan for free. If you select a cheaper phone than the one selected above you will end up earning money to use a phone on a plan. What a sweet deal is this. The icing on the top is that even though your plan is from Woolworths, your network is Telstra.