Stylish Sunglasses

Stylish Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just a piece of accessory to protect your eyes. It has become one of the important parts of an outfit. Good sunglasses can improve your outfit while a bad choice of sunglasses might destroy the entire outfit. Here are some great designs of sunglasses that will upgrade your outfit and protect your eyes at the same time:

Oversized Glam Shades

These oversized glasses are great to get that vogue style-setter look. Regardless of the color of the frame, these glasses are great to improve the outfit. Further in most of the time when it comes to accessories bigger means better.

Extended Wayfarers

Since the days of Marilyn Monroe, the wayfarers have been a cool accessory and in recent years this has been used by many designers and it has become a popular trend. The modern wayfarers are a bit larger and more extended at the temples than the earlier versions.

Pointed Cat Eyes

These are not the sunglasses that used to be worn by your grandmother who loves cats. This is the new version that can be used to show off the animal instincts. Lenses regardless of them being clear or opaque these are great fashion accessories to improve your outfit.

The Shield

These are sunglasses which give a sporty look and these have currently become a huge part of city fashion. Girls love this design because it has one lens extending across both eyes and is oversized which can be used to avoid doing makeup.

Skinny Extended Rectangle

These narrow extended frames are considered cool by many and can be your favorite sunglasses in the upcoming months. These offer a futuristic look but do not offer adequate protection from the sun but the reason that you will love them are that they are cool and stylish.

Novelty Frames

These are the frames that are unconventional with mixed materials and colors. This is an unusual trend that is great to stand out from the crowd by wearing something which is unique. Wearing these unconventional glasses requires confidence so if you are up to it go ahead and wear novelty frames.

Oval Aviators

These rounder shaped aviators are a great update from the traditional aviators which are great to wear with a casual or a sporty outfit. These can be the favorite choice for the weekends while relaxing.

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