Tips to Have a Great Camping Experience

Tips to Have a Great Camping Experience

Camping is great to get away from the busy lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors.  But many beginners face challenges when they are camping because they do simple mistakes. So here are some tips and hacks to make sure that your camping adventure goes according to plan;

Get to the Campsite Early

This might seem obvious but many people arrive late at the campsite and find out that all the good spots have been taken. So when you are going camping make sure to plan ahead and arrive early at the campsite to get the best spot with amazing views. Also, make sure to arrive at a time which gives you enough time to prepare the tent.

Choose an Appropriate Tent Size

Tents come in different sizes and usually, they are sized based on the number of people who can stay in a tent. But in reality, these sizes can be inaccurate because the companies label them by thinking about average people. Sometimes only one large person can be in a ‘two-person’ tent. So before you choose a tent make sure to consider the sizes of others as well.

Camp on Higher Ground

Camping in a higher ground might seem like a bad idea due to the wind and cold but remember if you find a proper high ground you can overcome these. But if you do not select a higher ground, if it rains overnight it will be a big problem because water will flow to the bottom and the tents might get flooded. So make sure to think about that as well before selecting a camping spot.

Follow Instructions

The simple equipment you bring comes with instructions for example a tent. So please make sure to read the instructions properly before pitching the tent. The instruction manual mentions the best and efficient way to use the tent and what it is capable of. So make sure to read the instructions because even though it might look simple there are certain things that should be done properly.  

Bring a Torch

The flashlight on your phone is not an option so make sure to bring a torch when you are going camping. A good bright torch will help you in your night-time toilet trips. Make sure to keep the torch within your reach or you might end up stumbling around trying to find one. If you can bring spare batteries it is also a good idea.

Remember Earplugs

Even the wild can be noisy due to insects and other campers so make sure to bring earplugs to make sure that you find peace and quiet. Some birds will wake you up and this can become irritating especially if you are exhausted so it is a good idea to bring earplugs.

Keep the Tent Clean

Exhaustion will tempt you not to clean the tent before putting it away in the cupboard but this is a bad idea because this will ruin the tent. If there is moisture in the tent it will start to stink and it will also damage the tent. So in order to expand the lifespan of your tent make sure to clean it before putting it away.

Stay Warm at Night

Bring high quality sleep bags because they will keep you warm and help to get some quality sleep. Also make sure to insulate you from the cold ground, wear plenty of layers, and keep your socks on because it will keep the bottom of your feet warm.

Store Food Properly

Try to avoid keeping food in your tent because it will attract insects and other animals. Animals such as bears, big cats, wolves, and poisonous animals will be attracted to the food and this might pose a huge danger so always try to avoid keeping food inside the tent. Always try to keep food tightly sealed in Tupperware or in a cool box.

Use Shade

Always pitch your tent in the shade because if you do not it will turn into an oven when it is exposed to sunlight. So if you want to avoid staying inside an oven make sure to pitch the tent in a place with enough shade. If it is hard to find shade, try using a groundsheet over the tent or packing a battery-powered fan.

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