What you could add very easily to your diet to make your Arteries healthy

What you could add very easily to your diet to make your Arteries healthy

Why you want to keep your arteries clean and healthy? The arteries are blood vessels that carry blood rich in oxygen and having healthy arteries means you’re avoiding the probability of a heart attack or stokes. Your diet is one of the most important factors that lead to heart attacks, so eat healthy to prevent health issues in the future.

1.  Fatty Fish – Add fish to your diet as fish contains omega-3 fatty acids. If you start eating fish you can increase the ‘good cholesterol” in your body and reduce formation of blood clots in the arteries. Remember, first step of being healthy is eating healthy.

2. Olive Oil – Replace butter or other oils with 100% organic virgin olive oil rich in antioxidants to reduce “bad cholesterol levels and give rise to good cholesterol. Well, this is something you can easily follow as you can just replace the butter you add to salad; stir-fried vegetables etc with olive oil.

3. Green Tea – One cup of green tea a day can add tons of health benefits and flush out toxins from your body. Also, it could help to enhance immune function and energy levels while helping to reduce weight. Replace your daily dose of coffee with green tea and you are on the right track to becoming healthy.

4. Avacado – Avacado is filled with heath benefits. This also has the properties to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels to help cleanse the arteries. You can easily add this to your diet by replacing butter and mayo on the toast with Avacado or use as a salad topping.

5. Broccoli – Another healthy option is to add Broccoli to your diet. Loaded with vitamin K, which can help to fight calcium from harming the arteries and prevent cholesterol oxidation and help to reduce stress levels. You can easily add Broccoli to your stir-fried vegetables dish or just steam, roast or grill to eat as a side dish.

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